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Creating Value In Your Marketing Efforts

I found this video on making sure to create value in your marketing efforts that to me kinda drives the point home. I personally do not like to have my time wasted so I really do not want to waste my readers time either. It is a better practice in my eyes to give value in marketing before just trying to hammer something down someone’s throat. I look at it this way,if my readers are happy with the material that I am giving them then they will keep coming back.

However if they are not learning or being entertained then I have no chance of building a relationship or gaining their trust. As a good marketer and someone who wants to give back I want my material to have value for the people who visit my site. Hell yes I will try to sell you while you are here (that’s my job ;-)). But the fact is if you don’t find value here you wouldn’t stay or come back here. I know I wouldn’t,anyhow I just found this video from Gary Vaynerchuck at a seminar and wanted to share it with you.

Warning this video does contain graphic language.

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The whole reason for this article is to stress the importance of creating value in your marketing efforts. If you do this correctly your sales will increase and you will build a long term business.