Is it Bullshit

I have been working in the internet marketing arena for quite some time now. Actually it has been 5-7 years. And I have seen a lot of B.S. Between buying it and seeing it. And quite frankly I am tired of seeing it so I am setting up this website to expose it if it’s BULLSHIT!
Sorry to offend anyone here but I call it as I see it. I have been burned by a lot of so called GURUS and I don’t want to continue to let this happen to the people who follow me. So if it is a spade I will call it one. But if it’s legit I will go there too. So watch and see what happens.
I am starting with a few different products,the first being 1 Page Profits. I saw a negative review for this product so I will include that link as well. But I am gonna try it.
Lets see what happens.
Here is the link that says it’s bull***t.

I will be adding my own review so keep an eye out for that as well.
I am gonna give ya my results after working with it.